Mr. Widmer and Sandmeier, created in 1881 a factory for buggies, child furniture, wood goods and toys. "Wisa - Gloria", formed the company name from the two founder names and attached the fantasy name "Gloria". The initial assortment for the target group baby and children was manufactured mostly by manual work. This kind of production was in the competition composition, too Expensively. Modernisation and automatisation were announced. At 1990 WISA GLORIA began with the import of buggy's and manufactured only the wood goods in Switzerland. The Wisa gloria DS's are a derivative of the Gui model and were probably built under licence. The car had the same little GUI chair and was a very

luxury version. It had own Wisa Gloria hubcaps, a hand-brake and a much firmer bumper at the back of the car than the GUI or later on the Tri-ang DS. The pedals are made with iron and wood and the car had two colours. A long chain operated the rear wheels (André Citroën will turn in his grave)

In the catalogue of 1958 the WISA GLORIA DS carried a flag.


Wisa Gloria